Ordinary people in extraordinary situations fuel Maeve Christopher’s imagination. Keep asking “what if” and “why,” and the plot thickens. What could be more fun?

Her bestselling Redemption Series is part family saga, part suspense, and part love story — with the touch of the Supernatural. Tongue firmly in cheek, it deals with the age-old question: What happens when an assassin falls for a woman who is trying to kill herself?

Maeve’s new series, The Golden Bowl, is set on the scenic coast of Maine. This unusual restaurant caters to the body, soul, and spirit. A large gold bowl on the front porch gives the establishment its name and invites patrons to leave a prayer and take a prayer. When they do: lives change.

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The 3rd book of Maeve’s Series “The Golden Bowl”




“A broken family – a broken marriage – a broken life – and a prayer on the back of a ticket, ‘God help me.’ So the adventure begins for Lena, the new technology manager at the Golden Bowl restaurant, a growing enterprise she had once tried to destroy. The same place her ex-husband, Nate, works as head of security. Yikes, a disaster in the making!

That is only the beginning for this rollicking tale in the continuing saga of the gold prayer bowl, Cat’s prophecies, rock stars, designers, and a retired assassin. Maeve Christopher weaves the pieces from past books into the presence of God in the midst of all our messes. And what a mess poor Lena is part of!

I love this series, love Cat and the gang, and who doesn’t love a good love story? Thanks, Maeve, for another great read. It’s just the ticket!”

“a beautiful story of love between two very flawed individuals . . . drama, danger, loyalty and love . . . five stars without a doubt!”

“One of the things I really enjoy is how many of the female characters in all of Maeve’s novels are just as badass as the males and as involved in all the action.”

“Five stars won’t cover this book, I need a galaxy of them . . . Truly touched my Heart . . . You will feel this story in your soul if you open your mind and heart . . . mirrors true life struggles for many. And provides you with the opportunity to exam your own life and faith. Prayers listed on “Tickets” to save a life struggling to find her way. And you will enjoy the love story and mystery with action blended into this story so well.”

“You’ll Laugh, Get Mad, Think About Situations, Cry and Be Thankful for Reading It! It May Just Change Your Life.”

Finding the heart’s true home . . .

Lena Goodwin scribbled her desperate plea, “God help me,” on an old ticket stub and dropped it into the golden bowl. Later she accepted a new job that would give her the funds to support herself and her mother, who suffers with Alzheimer’s.

When she is offered a promotion to head Information Technology at The Golden Bowl, she takes the job to escape her lecherous boss and hide from her New York mob associates in Down East Maine.

Settling into a new life is complicated. Lena’s ex-husband, Nathan Rhodes, is Director of Security for The Golden Bowl. Lena never stopped loving him, one of the many secrets she hid well.

When Nathan informs Lena of a threat against her family, she takes matters into her own hands. Healing from the wounds of her past could be deadly for Lena and those she loves.

The Golden Bowl . . .

Nutritionist Annie Brewster knows one small prayer can change everything. As a teenager, she revealed her dream to open a restaurant to her grandmother. In minutes Grammy painted her prayer for The Golden Bowl on the scenic coast of Marberry, Maine. Years later Annie discovered that property and opened her business to feed people—body, soul, and spirit. A large gold bowl on the restaurant’s front porch gives the establishment its name and invites patrons to leave a prayer and take a prayer. When they do, lives change.



What happens when an assassin falls for a woman who is trying to kill herself?


What happens when a secret agent is no longer a secret?


What happens when a pop star tries to make a life with a secret agent?


What happens when up is down, down is up, the powerful are weak, the weak are powerful, the visible is invisible, the invisible is visible—and even your own home isn’t safe anymore?