Killer Cupid

Book 1 of The Redemption Series


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What happens when an assassin falls for a woman who is trying to kill herself?

The saga begins with an assasin in crisis…

David Lambrecht, aka Cupid, works for an international covert agency. He has a life of adventure, mystery, and accountability to only the most powerful in this world.

Unfortunately his past is catching up with him. His sanity — and his life — are at stake. In the midst of personal crisis, he must deal with a traitor who is selling government secrets and profiting from the international drug trade.

An unlikely “angel”…

Debbie Aldridge, a young artist, struggles in the isolation of an eating disorder amidst the extravagance of Beverly Hills. Her efforts to stand on her own, to succeed with her art, and to reach out to friends, are trampled by overbearing parents and by her addiction.

When her weak heart gives out, Debbie has a near death experience, a glimpse of heaven, and life changing words from her grandmother. She returns to life with a purpose. But she must find a woman called Cat.

And a prophet…

David’s cousin Cat has visions of his peril — and a white-haired girl with her hand on his heart. What will it take to save their lives?



This is a great book. Characters you care about, a great story, mystery, romance, handsome men what more can I say! A little bit for everyone – I like a book where you feel good at the end and want more! Maeve Christopher is a great writer – you feel like you’re there. I can’t wait to see what happens in next book.


I love this book. Maeve Christopher has created a cast of complex characters, introducing them in this first novel with suspense that leaves you eager for the next book, romantic relationships that make you wish you were there, enough drama for any drama queen, and a spiritual core that makes me long to have Cat the Prayer Warrior for my BFF. Step into an adventure with hunky secret agents, delicate artists, super rock stars, over-protective angry parents, crazy cousins, and a boatload of bad guys! Get writing, girl … can’t wait for the next book!