The Supernatural Diet Club

Book 2 of The Golden Bowl Series


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“Almighty” Buck Wynn of Brooke, Lewis & Wynn, with offices in New York and London, premiere consultants to the restaurant and food service industry, prides himself on his problem-solving skills that have taken him to the pinnacle of success. But Buck has a problem he can’t solve.

His relationship with Annie Brewster, owner of The Golden Bowl restaurant, is in jeopardy. More importantly, he realizes he’s in love with her, a new experience for the man who has never loved anything but money. It occurs to him that falling in love is an answer to the first and only prayer he took from the golden bowl months ago: God is doing a new thing.

Buck needs to change if he is to win the woman he loves. But can he reveal his sordid truth to Annie?

Annie is preoccupied with family visiting for the summer and her growing business and charities. Her precocious six-year-old niece invites Buck, Annie, and others to join her Supernatural Diet Club, which she explains is a simple, nourishing way of life. Annie’s friend and benefactor, Cat Clemente, a rock star philanthropist with the gift of prophecy, is appointed to lead the group.

Well aware this journey could be fraught with trouble, Buck hesitantly agrees. Winning Annie and impressing the billionaire philanthropist who can make or break Buck’s consulting business are his goals. But Buck soon realizes he has no idea how to resolve a potentially scandalous situation by himself. Sarcastically, he turns to God, and Almighty Buck quickly learns God’s ways are not his.

The Golden Bowl . . .

Nutritionist Annie Brewster knows one small prayer can change everything. As a teenager, she revealed her dream to open a restaurant to her grandmother. In minutes Grammy painted her prayer for The Golden Bowl on the scenic coast of Marberry, Maine. Years later Annie discovered that property and opened her business to feed people—body, soul, and spirit. A large gold bowl on the restaurant’s front porch gives the establishment its name and invites patrons to leave a prayer and take a prayer. When they do, lives change.



“You’ve written a story that I NEEDED to read right now and I truly think it will help me personally find my way to the light again.  A gift!”
“I give this book 5 stars, hands down, no thought needed.  Maeve has created such a wonderful group of characters … compelling and oh so human …. so thought provoking … The continuous and unexpected action and drama make it very difficult to put the book down.”
“There sure were surprises … I LOVE THIS STORY! What a crew that has my heart  I want to go hang with them and visit The Golden Bowl.” 
“The Supernatural Diet Club suggests that nourishment for the soul is even more important than nourishment for the body, and the author provides fascinating insight into human character.”
“TRUTH is the best, if not the only, way to have a relationship. Truth—forgiveness—true love. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this story!”
“You Struck Gold.. The Soul is So Taken Care Of! And I felt just like I was there with good friends!