Mercy’s Pen, Book #5 of The Redemption Series, is available now!

Mercy’s Pen is available now!  Here are some comments from readers:

“I have loved every book that Maeve has written for the Redemption Series, but this has been my favorite by far… I was extremely happy that we were able to hear from Cat in this book… I have always wanted to hear things from her perspective and this book didn’t disappoint….if you haven’t already read the other books in this series I recommend that you do so first…”

“It is a dramatic and highly entertaining tale about a diverse group of people bound together by familial ties, loyalty and love.”

“Emotionally this book touched my heart. I did love the way God spoke and taught Cat to face her fears. I loved the whole series and really liked how it was written. I also loved that it was not hokey. So many books that bring God into them are just not realistic. This book was in so many ways what faith is all about.”

“This was a great read…. It was great connecting with all the characters in the Redemption Series and learning some new things about Debbie and all the things that Cat said and did.”

“I will admit I cried so much at the end of the book with Cats thoughts and words… I would love to give this more that 5 * but that is all I am able…”